Wedding photography doesn’t have to be done in all-natural light. In fact, having a mixture of natural light and off-camera lighting is the best way to showcase the uniqueness of your wedding day. There are many venues that I came across that as the sun goes dark there is really not much to photograph unless I start using my off-camera lighting. If you are wondering what epic low light photography ideas you can do on your wedding day, you came to the right below. Below are my top 7 epic low light photography ideas. Here we go!

1) Mixing Ambient Light with Flash

Mixing ambient light with off camera flash by Gary Lun Photography

2) Backlit Shot 

Backlit Shot by Gary Lun Photography at Lake Lanier Islands

3) Silhouette Shot

Silhouette Shot by Gary Lun Photography

4) Spraying Shot 

Spraying shot during getting ready by Gary Lun Photography

5) Light Bulbs as Foreground and Background

Light blubs as background and foreground

6) Light Painting

Light painting by Gary Lun Photography

7) Sparkler exit

Sparkler exit

I hope you enjoy this article as much as I do! First thing first, make sure your photographer knows and is comfortable doing low light photography for your wedding day. Communicate exactly what you want during the initial consultation so you know you’ll get this style of photos on your wedding day. If you have any questions always feel free to let me know!