I lived 1/3 of my life in Australia, China and America. Therefore, you may occasionally pick up my Aussie-Chinese-American accent!

Right now I am living in Atlanta with my wife Melonie and our daughter Zoey. We love going out to shopping on the weekend to improve our house and spending time together!

Me myself and I...

Hey! I’m Gary and I’m a wedding photographer based in Atlanta Georgia, but I shoot weddings all over the state.

My favorite thing in the world is traveling, and when I’m not shooting weddings you’ll find me catching up with friends, watching a movie, finding new restaurants to eat and planning the next vacation trip.

I couldn’t live without drinking coffee, listening to audiobooks, expand my photography gear acquisition syndrome on Amazon.com, shopping at Sprouts Farmers Market, and being with my wife Melonie. Nothing makes me happier than meeting new people and learning what makes them tick.

My love of taking beautiful travel pictures is what got me into wedding photography. I used to carry my DSLR camera in a bag with 2 lenses, a flash, a tripod, shutter release, countless batteries etc. Then at the end of each trip I found out that I used none of the gears I carried except the camera I’m already holding and the lens that was already attached. I count that as exercise =D

I’ve been a photographer for the past 10 years and a wedding photographer for over 3 years. I’m having such a blast! The best thing about being a wedding photographer is I get to create a unique point of view on this special day (which is often different to what someone else with a camera will) and that you’ll cherish the photos for the rest of your lives.

My wedding photography style is timeless and candid for the Joyful and Chilled brides. I capture all the candid moments, we then spend a little bit of time doing posing shots for the formal pictures that you’ll hang on the wall and I’ll let you get on with your awesome day. For me the best part of the day is during the open dance floor. That’s the time you get to be truly yourself (because the formal stuff is over and you’ve ate dinner!).

Your wedding is all about celebrating this once of a lifetime moment with your favorite people. You don’t have to get fancy limos and expensive chair covers to make you feel special. You just want to spend this unique moment with amazing people that matters the most. To make things even better, as your photographer, you don’t even have to worry about little things like when to photograph the first look, when to get the wedding party pictures done etc. I’ve created a solid system that allows us to work together to create the perfect timeline and makes you feel comfortable.

Your amazing photography experience is about to begin! I look forward to hearing from you!


Fact#1 - I am a CPA

I'm a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) full time for a Fortune 500 company during the week. I may look like a college student but I've dealt with professionals all over the country and oversea!


Fact #2 - I speak Mandarin, Cantonese and English

Before meeting my wife I only speaks Cantonese and English. Now I'd say I'm fluent in Mandarin. Whenever I tell people about this my wife would jump in and say she is my greatest teacher. I agree with that :)


Fact#3 - I love Marvel movies

What do you think about Endgame? What do you think about phrase 4 in the MCU? Endgame was definitely a sad ending for me because Ironman was my favorite character. In fact, I've a whole collection of Ironman at home (this is one of the many)!


Fact#4 - I need bubble tea

Everytime I drive pass a bubble tea place I had a hard time to resist NOT having one...I love going to Kung Fu Tea for their signature Oolong bubble tea. But once a while I like trying new stuff. Such as this Cocoa Cream Wow drink, simply amazing!


Fact#5 - I'm a board game, card game, video game lover

I've a huge collection of board games at home. Catan, 7 wonders, Risk, Monopoly...I play all those. Even card games and Xbox like call of duty, Fallout 4 and Farcry 5 etc.