Before selecting your perfect Atlanta family photographer, I believe choosing the right person rather than a great photographer can greatly enhance your photoshoot experience. So what do I mean by a great person? Isn’t this subjective? Personally, I believe you need to have these in mind:

1) Choose a photographer that can establish great connection with every single member of your family. It’s important the words “every single member”. If the photographer can mingles well with everybody, it’ll make the whole photoshoot process easier (and more fun!).

Remember, a family session involves the whole family having fun together. So each member must enjoy the time as much as the photographer does. If one person got left out it can easily be spotted and can potentially ruin the shots!

2)Choose a photographer that can capture candid moments precisely. For those of you who have kids, this is especially important. Remember to find a photographer that knows how to time and capture the fun moments really well.

The photographer should know how to create a ‘fun’ moment with your kids (even if the kids aren’t having so much fun). For example, if the whole family are sitting on a sofa looking straight at the camera. The photographer should say something like “Let’s all tickle each other”.

This may sound silly but it works! Most of the best moments I captured involves kids playing with parents and well…tickling each other. In short, the photographer should be good at creating a fun atmosphere!

If you are wondering how on earth can you know this before having my family session with the photographer? There are at least 3 things you can do:

Firstly, check out the previous work the photographer had. Second, through in person meeting with the photographer to check his/her personality. Third, ask if the photographer offer a mini session to test drive his/her skills.

3)Choose a photographer that value family importance. This is just my personal opinion I hope I won’t create a huge debate on this. But I feel choosing somebody that values family relationship is just as important as finding a photographer that is good at the technical skills of photography.

From my experience, most of my client value the fun/candid moment of the family. Almost nobody cares what angle I’m going to shoot or am I going to use “Rembrandt lighting” on their kids’ face.

Therefore, choose a photographer that values family time and understands what you want from the family shoot. Find a photographer that knows you are asking him/her to capture this precious family moment and save the photos from generations to come. Find a photographer with the above qualities and work that are good enough you are satisfied with. To me, this is my personal view of a good family photographer.

I hope this article is helpful to you. Feel free to check out my latest family session pictures below.

atlanta-family-photographer-family-session-with-gary-lun-photography sisters-sitting-in-front-of-white-teepee-with-white-cat white-flowers-headband-for-family-session flowers-headband-for-family-session backyard-family-photography-session atlanta-family-photographers-with-gary-lun-photography family-photography-session-at-home girls-playing-piano-during-family-photography-session girls-hug-during-family-session-with-gary-lun-photography candid-photos-with-dad-and-daughter family-session-with-atlanta-family-photographer-gary-lun

Hi I’m Gary Lun and I’m an Atlanta family photographer in Gwinnett. I am also a wedding photographer and an engagement photographer. Even though I focus on weddings and engagements I do also take family session. Contact me to check on my availability to schedule your photoshoot date!

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