Selecting the right location is so important for your engagement session! This is common sense right? However, a lot of couples tend to follow the trend and simply pick a location that everyone goes. 

Unless this place is a dream location that you wanted to take pictures since you were little, the first thing I always tell my couples is to pick a location that speaks to you. What means a location that has sentimental value to you both.

Did he proposed to you at a college that you both went? Do you both go to the same coffee shop every weekend and can’t get enough of it? Do you both love hiking on the mountain? Do you both love walking around the lake? These may sound like an everyday go to places but these are exactly the sentimental value locations you should think about for your engagement session.

And of course, there are also many great locations in Atlanta that you can take your engagement session photos. Below the best engagement session locations in Atlanta for your inspiration if you run out of ideas!

1. Garrard landing park (8000 Holcomb Bridge Rd, Alpharetta, GA 30022)

Garrard Landing Park engagement picture with Gary Lun Photography

Best for: Tall grass, long walking paths, covered bridge, fountain, large grass fields,

Pros: This is a hidden gem in the city Roswell/Alpharetta and only about a 30 minutes drive from downtown Atlanta. This park has features that are great if you are looking for a romantic tall grass/long path style for your engagement pictures.

It has many large open areas for photos, long pathways (with small stones) that are great in all types of engagement photographs. It also has several large rocks that the photographer can stand up and take pictures pointing down for an intimate effect.

Cons: One of the disadvantages of this park is that the grass various heights throughout the year. So it really depends on if the city decided to cut the grass right before your engagement session. Also, the color of the tall grasses varied by season. Personally I like the tall wheat color field during spring season so scout around the location before you decide to go there.

Perhaps the biggest disadvantage that I’ve heard is that your photographer needs a Roswell photography permit which cost around $100 USD in order to be allowed to shoot at this part. I haven’t run into this issue yet but it’s something to look out and to confirm before your engagement session.

2. Mc Daniel farm (3251 McDaniel Rd, Duluth, GA 30096)

McDanial Farm barn house engagement session with Gary Lun Photography

Best for: Barn house, long bridge (not covered), tall grass, white historical house, paved pathways, small waterfall

Pros: If I have to pick one engagement session location in Atlanta with the least amount pedestrians this is it! Located in Duluth GA this is the best place for your engagement session if you are looking for a relaxing park and picnic style like engagement session.

This park has many top features such as a barn house, long uncovered bridge and a white historical house that basically can already take up the whole engagement session!

Furthermore, if you are going at the right season (around spring time and around September) it has tall grass that looks very nice for your engagement session photographs.

If you are adventurous walk further into the park and you’ll find a small waterfall and an awesome grass pathway! I can’t say more good things about this park and it is the location I don’t mind taking engagement pictures there every weekend!

Cons: There really not a single disadvantage I can think of about McDaniel Farm park. If you decided to go venture out the park make sure to leave enough time for yourself to walk back. One time I almost got lost and spent about 30 minutes just to get out of the park.

3. Arabia mountain (3350 Klondike Rd, Lithonia, GA 30038)

Arabia Mountain engagement with Gary Lun PhotographyArabia Mountain Vaughter farm engagement session with Gary Lun Photography


Best for: Mountain feel, elopement location, short dried grass, and small trees on top of mountain

Pros: This place is very similar to top of Stone Mountain except it’s smaller. If you are looking for a mountain look or a hiking theme this is the place to go. The major advantage is that this place has fewer tourists than Stone Mountain. The walk up is about 20 minutes and it’s not a bad hike at all. Just remember to travel light and bring some water with you especially during summer time.

Cons: The good spot is hard to find on Google map. There are lots of entrances and they all seems to be going to the same place. 

4. Cator Woolford Gardens (1815 S Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30307)

Cator Woolford Garden grand staircase engagement session with Gary Lun Photography

Best for: Intimate Garden feel, Grand staircase, Small open field

Pros: Quiet with lots of different backgrounds you can use for your engagement pictures. The Grand staircase is a must if you are going to take pictures there. Lots of different types of flowers if you are into a botanical garden feel pictures. Also there is a small open field for pictures. 

Cons: Not a big garden so if you need a lot of space for photos you may need to plan on a second location after this. Also, (not really a bad thing) but you must book in advance before the shoot. Also, parking is hard to find so make sure you ask your photographer where to park before heading there.

5. Piedmont park (400 Park Drive Northeast, Atlanta, GA 30309)

Piedmont Park engagement picture with Gary Lun Photography

Best for: Atlanta skyline view, lake, dock, gazebo, big tree, large field

Pros: This is probably one of the most well known engagement session locations in Atlanta. If you are looking for the Atlanta skyline view this is possibly the best location to take photos without incurring a fee.

Once you are there, make sure you take a photo by the lake with the Atlanta skyline as the backdrop. This alone already makes your trip worthwhile. Also, don’t forget to go to the dock, gazebo and the big tree to take some amazing photographs there.

Cons: Even though this is one of the best parks in Atlanta, it is not an ideal place for engagement sessions in my personal opinion. There are just too many people and pets walking by all the time that makes photography hard.

Also, you’ll likely be doing kissing shots in front of 100+ people at a given time! Also on weekends there are dozens of photographs lining up to shoot at the same location.

Furthermore, each photo locations are about 15 minute’s walk away. If you engagement session is 1 hour you’ll end up being at the location 4 times maximum. Which will cut down the quantity of your photographs? So if you are looking for a unique photograph this is probably not the best place to go.