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In my “You’re engaged, now what Part 1” and “You’re engaged, now what Part 2” articles I talked about some of the most important things to do right after your engagement. I also included lots of great tips to plan for your upcoming wedding. In fact, one of tips I mentioned was about how to find your perfect wedding date. I’d like to use this post to dive deeper into this topic and to tell you what factors you should consider to answer the ‘how to find your perfect wedding date’ question. Ready? Here we go!

Know your cultural effect

Depending on where you (and your fiance) are from, you must take cultural effect into consideration. Please note that what I’m saying below may not apply to everybody even if you are in the same situation as myself. This is purely for demonstration purposes.

For example, I am a Chinese which means I need to follow certain Chinese traditions when planning my wedding day. Dates including 4 have similar pronunciation as ‘death’ which I’ll have to avoid. Therefore, April 4th is definitely not a good day for my wedding as a Chinese person.

When planning a wedding, I also need to take into consideration of the traditional tea ceremony. This is the tradition where me and my wife have to serve tea to both our parents. Which means we need to schedule more time during the wedding day to have enough time to complete this tradition ceremony.

What about you? Think about what special tradition you need to follow on your wedding day. Does it affect the actual “date” itself or it affect the wedding day “schedule” itself? Knowing this will certainly make it easy to answer your ‘how to find your perfect wedding date’ question.

Is your wedding day during the industry’s busy season?

If you are living in the south, such as myself in Atlanta, the busy wedding season is around late August to early November. Is you wedding day during these few months?

When planning you wedding, keep in mind of those months and book your photographer long time ahead to ensure he/she is available. From my experience as a wedding photographer, I’d say book at least 1 year ahead if you are getting married in September or October in the south region of USA.

If your potential wedding is NOT during busy season, this is a good thing to know! There could be more choices for you in terms of choosing a wedding photographer. Please note that this is purely from my personal opinion and does not mean the market is like this consistently every year.

Weekdays and weekends affect pricing A LOT!

Do you know weekday and weekend wedding photography prices differs a lot from most photographers? You could save a lot of money if your wedding is on the weekday instead of the weekend!

Also, if you are planning to do a small wedding, you could potentially save some money so talk to your photographer! Of course, having a weekday vs weekend weddings have it advantages and disadvantages. So plan well and make sure you are aware of the facts before finalizing your wedding date!

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