If you ask any Atlanta wedding photographers what is one of the most popular place to get married in Atlanta GA, I’m certain most of them will say Flint Hill wedding photography at Norcross. Being the lead photographer at this Flint Hill wedding, I must say I had one of the most unique couple ever in my photography journey.

Stephanie and Charles are not only my very close friends. But Stephanie’s father (Pastor Chi) was my officiant at my very own wedding! To make things ever more special, Pastor Chi was also the officiant for Stephanie and Charles wedding!

For the wedding photography perspective, Flint Hill provided a great place for couples portrait, bridal party pictures, dramatic environment portraits, detail shots and many others. It has a great outdoor and indoor space that let your wedding photographer does basically all combinations of wedding photography as your heart desires!

For the backyard space, it’s the perfect side for any wide angle and telephoto shots. The reception area (even indoor) is good enough to use window light for most pictures during daytime. Of course, as the photographer I can always use another flash to add pop in darker corners of the reception room to fill lights.

Last but not least, I recommend every couple getting married there to take the epic shot right outside the Flint Hill front door entrance. You will not regret it!

Below are some of the pictures I took at Stephanie and Charles Flint Hill wedding. I love to get a mixture of wide angle, close up and even black and white for wedding photography. The bubble exit is also one of my favorite shot during a wedding. Enjoy!

flint-hill-norcross-bride-shoes wedding-program-on-green-grass-with-blue-flower wedding-bouquet-on-bench-at-flint-hill-norcross bridesmaids-smiling-at-each-other-at-flint-hill-norcross bridesmaid-at-bridal-suite-at-fint-hill-georgia flowers-on-wedding-day bride-preparation-in-flint-hill-norcross flint-hill-norcross-groom-getting-ready groom-and-groomsmen-walking-towards-flint-hill flint-hill-front-entrance-bridal-portraits flint-hill-couple-portraits-at-front-door flint-hill-wedding-ceremony-father-and-daughter flint-hill-wedding-ceremony-front-stage flint-hill-wedding-ceremony-bride-smiling-happily flint-hill-wedding-ceremony-ring-exchange flint-hill-wedding-photography-by-gary-lun-photography wedding-cake-at-flint-hill open-dance-floor-at-flint-hill open-dance-floor-at-flint-hill-norcross wedding-dance-at-flint-hill-norcross bouquet-toss-at-flint-hill-norcross flint-hill-wedding-photography-bubble-exit flint-hill-wedding-photography-reception-bubble-exit

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