Posing is an ART. It is an art that a lot of wedding couples are nervous about.

Even though I am a big proponent of doing interactive style posing (where couples reacts to what I ask them to do for the natural look) instead of the traditional posing (where the photographer tells the couple exactly how to move their hands, bodies etc), I think each couple just like yourself should learn the fundamentals of posing so you can get the most out of your wedding day.

I could write an entire book on posing but here are the main highlights on how to look your best in your wedding portraits.

The Nose X-FACTOR 

The nose x factor by Gary Lun Photography

Looking face to face with your love one is great in real life but may look cheesy in photos (yep you heard me right, cheesy) because it looks un-natural. 

To avoid that, imagine a straight line is pointing out from the tip of your nose. When your nose and your groom’s nose are pointed toward each other, make sure one of you tilt your head so those two lines intercept, creating an “X”

By creating an intersection between the two noses, the pose will look much more natural and candid.

The 3 Points Of Interest 

The 3 points of interest by Gary Lun Photography

One of the most common position couples do in their portraits is to put their hands mirroring each other in front of their stomach. Doing this creates a barrier across the bodies and it feels like it splits the upper body from the lower half. 

To avoid that, place your hand over the groom’s shoulder so that your elbow face the ground. For the groom, gently rest his hand on your waistline.

Doing this creates the 3 points of interest. The 1st point is you and your groom’s face, the 2nd is your hand, and the third is the groom’s hand.

Walking On A Thin Line 

Walking on a thin line by Gary Lun Photography

To look great on a walking shot, simply walk as if you are walking on a thin line. Doing that makes you overlap your front foot over your back foot. It may seem strange, but it looks great on photograph. Try it out!

Kiss Anticipation 

Kiss anticipation by Gary Lun Photography

To get a true impression of kissing shot we actually need to capture the anticipation of a kiss. That’s the time when your senses are in hypersensitive mode and that looks the most natural photograph.

To do that simply lean in for a kiss but to stop just an inch from your lips. Make sure there is enough headspace so your foreheads aren’t touching each other. We need this gap so both heads won’t looks like they are merged into one for the most natural look.

Hope you enjoyed my top tips on how to look your best in your wedding portraits. Another great way to practice these is during your engagement session with your photographer. That way you’ll know exactly what to do on your big day. If you have any questions feel free to reach me out.