Having photographed at Piedmont Park Atlanta numerous times, I personally feel that there are two particular style of photography that best fit my engagement couples that I had the pleasure to take photos for. If you are looking to hire a photographer to take your engagement pictures, I highly recommend checking the below ideas to plan out your perfect engagement session.

1) The famous B&W portrait with midtown Atlanta backdrop


This is probably one of the most popular spot in Atlanta to take engagement photos. In fact, I have to wait in lines whenever I try to get 5 minutes with my couples at this location. The first tip is that ‘do not block the buildings’! The second tip that I often tell my couples is to ‘stand further to the left or right’ so their bodies won’t blend into the buildings in the photograph.

Converting this picture in B&W also makes the background pop and further enhance the couple standing at the front. Using this technique makes this portrait more dramatic. It is totally ok to take this shot in color but personally B&W gives a more contrasty feeling. Try it out with your photographer!

2) Off camera flash engagement photo at Piedmont Park field


Whenever the sunset is coming it’s time to bring the flashes and dropbox out. Adding just a pop of flash to the person in front of camera makes a perfect photograph just like the one above. Furthermore, you can do this anywhere you see the sunset behind you. Most of my clients love this type of photographs and I highly recommend doing this with your photographer.

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