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    Let’s be honest, there will be things that you are going to miss on your wedding day. Think about the moment when you are busy doing makeup and the flower girl is playing next door with your bridesmaids. As the Bride on the wedding day, there is no way you are going to witness every moment no matter how much you plan for it. That’s why you hire a great photographer to capture these candid moments but finding the right photographer is another topic for another day. So what are the top candid moments you must have on your wedding day? #4 is my favorite so let’s check it out!

    1) Bride with Bridesmaids Robe Shots

    Bride with Bridesmaids robe shot

    2) Champagne Toast on the Bed with Bridesmaid 

    Champagne toast on bed

    3) Parents Seeing the Bride on Wedding Day 

    Mom seeing Bride on wedding day

    4) Groom’s on First Look Reaction

    Groom first look expression

    5) Groom’s Expression While You Are Walking Down The Aisle 

    Groom's reaction when Bride is walking down the aisle

    6) Flowergirl/Ring Bearer Walking Down The Aisle 

    Flower girl walking down the aisle

    7) Reactions During Ring Exchange 

    Reaction during ring exchange

    8) Dancing Shots Moments

    Dancing moments

    9) Feeding Each Other Wedding Cake 

    Feeding each other wedding cake

    10) Sparkler Exit 

    Sparkler exit