Why do you need a second photographer for your wedding

One of the most frequently asked questions is related to the value of a second photographer. Why do you need a second photographer for you wedding? Often, photographers called them as “second shooters”. During my initial consultation, almost all potential couples ask me the same question “Why do we need a second photographer on our wedding day?”. What are the benefit of having one when we already have you as our main photographer? Is it worth it to pay the extra (if second photographer is not included in the package) to have another person taking pictures of our wedding?

Are you wondering the same questions?

As the photographer, I can’t stress enough how important it is to have a second photographer. I almost want to say this is a must but I know each wedding/budget is different. Nevertheless, I do want you to make the best judgment after reading this article. Here we go!

Different angles

This is perhaps the main advantage of having a second photographer on your wedding day! It is A BIG DEAL! Having an extra photographer means you are getting two different camera angles in the most important day of your lives. Also, that means each photographer can be present while you two are getting ready before the wedding ceremony.

For example, when the bride is getting ready and the main photographer is taking pictures of her, the second photographer can be with the groom and groomsmen. There will be no gap in between and no photographer has to run back and forth to different rooms. In another word, both photographers are taking pictures at the exact moments.

For ceremony, that means one photographer can be at the front and one at the back. Which means when the bride is walking down the aisle one photographer can capture the expressions at the front while the other photographer can capture the moment from behind/above for the overall view of the ceremony. How wonderful is that!

Last but not least, during reception dance, first look, first dance, mother and son dance, father and daughter dance, both photographers can be capturing photos at different angles at the same time. Again, this is not an up-sell or to force you to get a second photographer, but I’d say if you have the budget definitely go for it.

Less chance for a missing shot

I put this in number 2 doesn’t mean it’s any less important than above. In fact, this is also VERY IMPORTANT!

Having an extra person with a camera means there will be less chance of missing an important shot during your wedding day. Although your wedding photographer is trying the very best not to miss it but the reality is that things happen and sometimes it is out of our control.

It could be de to the situation, timing, location, or interference that a photographer missed a shot. The most common one that I’ve seen is the ceremony exit where guests were blocking the aisle trying to take pictures for the bride and groom. In some cases I got blocked by people but luckily my second photographer captured this moment in another angle out from the crowd.

Less stress for you and the photographer

Having another set of hands gives the photographer less stress because he/she has assurance that they have a backup in case anything happened. From the artistic creation standpoint, most of the time my second shooter got a creative shot I didn’t think of that the wedding couple really likes!

In short, you get better quality of pictures from hiring a second photographer:

  • Better quality pictures overall due to more timing
  • Better lighting because the second photographer can help the lead photographer with lighting equipment
  • Second photographer can even help with details, helping searching for family member for formal pictures etc.
  • Backup for any unforeseen circumstances.

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